LeTourneau Tree crusher

The LeTourneau Tree Crusher was manufactured by R. G. LeTourneau Inc., in Longview, Texas.  It is a diesel-electric powered machine designed to push down and crush trees and undergrowth beneath its massive rollers.  Its ability to break up and splinter large trees is made possible by its grouser-equipped rollers and its tremendous weight.

The tree crusher has two steel rollers (front and rear) which are mounted to an all-steel welded frame.  Each roller is equipped with 6 inch steel grousers that rip and destroy fallen trees as the crusher passes through dense timber and heavy underbrush, leaving in its wake a compacted mess of limbs, trees, and debris ready for disposal.  Each motor is driven by two dc electric motors and gear reduction inside units directly inside of each roller.

Electrical power is supplied by two diesel-electric generator sets located in the power compartment in the center of the tree crusher main frame.  Power for steering  is produced by the AC generator installed on one power unit.  Electrical power used to drive the rear roller drive motors is generated by two DC generators installed on the power units.  Power is transmitted using a series of rubber-covered eliminating the necessity for mechanical transmissions, torque converters and their allied linkage systems incorporated in other drive systems.  

Simple finger-tip switch controls are used to operate the crusher.

2007.01.38 Norm Unrau photo