Historic Timeline

1670 - Hudson's Bay Company formed, trading for furs with First Nations and trappers
1862 - Cariboo Gold Rush starts
1779 - North West Company formed, trading for furs with First Nations and trappers
1793 - Alexander Mackenzie makes the first recorded overland crossing to the Pacific Ocean
1794 - Rocky Mountain Fort established at present-day Fort St. John
1805 - Fort McLeod established, the first permanent trading post in BC
1806 - Fort St. James established
1807 - Fort George established
1821 - Hudson's Bay Company took over the North West Company in a merger
1843 - Fort Victoria established
1858 - Gold Rush on the Fraser River
1858 (August 2) - Crown Colony of British Columbia established
1861 - Gold discovered on the Parsnip, Finlay, and Peace Rivers
1863 - Smallpox decimates many First Nations communities
1867 - Dominion of Canada established
1870 - Many gold mines are operating in the Omineca country, with main access from Takla Landing on Takla Lake
1871 - Gold discovered on Germansen and Manson Creeks
1872 - Fort Grahame established
1877 - The Pine Pass through the Rocky Mountains surveyed by the Canadian Pacific Railway
1897 - Yukon Gold Rush starts
1908 - Neil Gething takes up coal leases in the Rocky Mountain Canyon
1912 - The Peace River area is opened for homesteading
1912 - The Department of Lands begins survey work in the Rocky Mountain Trench
1926 - Fort Ware trading post established
1929 - First bush plane starts operating in the Peace River area, transporting workers to the Ingenika mines
1931 - The Bedeaux Expedition on the Muskwa and Kwadacha Rivers
1961 to 1968 - Construction of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam on the Peace River
1966 (May 19) - Mackenzie incorporated as an 'Instant Town'
1968 to 1971 - Williston Reservoir floods the Peace, Parsnip, and Finlay Rivers upstream of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam