The Ballad of Mackenzie Mac

My first day in Mackenzie
I got a room by the local pub.
Sittin’ in my hotel suite
With my hot feet in the tub.

I got all decked out in my new work clothes,
And laced up my logging boots,
Then proceeded to the only pub in town
To buy myself a brew.

I sat down at the table
And ordered myself a round,
When a grubby old gent in overalls
Popped a chair and sat himself down.

He looked like a pretty hard-working man,
Though he could be lumberjack.
The white hard hat on the top of his head
Was labeled “Mackenzie Mac”

The boys at the float camp told me
There weren’t nothing ol’ Mac had feared,
With his dark squinty eyes and thin haired head
And his big grey bushy beard.

You look like a stranger in these parts,
Did you come here for work?
He grabbed his brew off the tabletop,
Leaned back and took a slurp.

Old Mac and I had quite a chat
As I remembered that next day.
Before leaving town I got one last look
And started on my way.

I headed out to catch a ride
To take me back to camp,
Remembering the story of the old bearded man
And the Ballad of Mackenzie Mac….

– Unknown Author

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