Our Exhibits

Natural History

  • See our ichthyosaurus fossil, a sea reptile 100 million years old, found along Williston Reservoir.
  • Meet Fred, our black bear, along with  a coyote, a caribou, and hawks too in our wildlife displays.

First Nations

  • Original portrait paintings by Marge McDougall, of Sekani First Nations people that lived on traditional territories around the Finlay Forks trading post where Marge lived with her husband Roy from 1940 to 1958.
  • Judicial robes of the Honourable Madam Justice Rose Toodick Boyko, Canada’s first Aboriginal woman Superior Court judge.  Rose spent her childhood on her father’s trap line at Finlay Forks.

Explorers & Surveyors

  • Historic maps.
  • Maps and photos from early explorer and surveyor expeditions, including prospector Edward Ruzicka and company (Peace River) 1900; Frank Swannell Survey 1914; Arthur Tuttle and Chief Toma Survey (Aiken Lake, Ingenika River) 1941.

Trading Posts & Early Settlers

  • A replica trapper’s cabin.
  • Photos of the early settlements and Hudson’s Bay Trading Posts at Fort Graham (Finlay River), Fort Ware (Finlay River), Finlay Forks (Finlay-Parsnip River confluence), and Fort McLeod (McLeod Lake).
  • Documents, photos, and paintings from Marge and Roy McDougall’s tenure at Finlay Forks, 1940 – 1958.


  • Maps and photos from early prospecting surveys, including prospector Edward Ruzicka and company (Peace River) 1900.


  • Donations of photographs, documents, equipment, and other memorabilia from BC Forest Products Ltd and Finlay Forest Industries Ltd.
  • Hands-on replica of our local sawmill site.

Williston Reservoir

  • THE WORLD’S LARGEST TREE CRUSHER – Visit the LeTourneau Tree Crusher displayed on Mackenzie Blvd. This massive machine was designed to quickly crush swaths of forest, because there wasn’t enough time to fell trees by traditional harvest methods as the reservoir flood waters rose.
  • See photographs of W.A.C. Bennett dam construction (known as the Portage Mtn Dam at the time), and of the Parsnip, Finlay, and Peace River drainages before the flooding of Williston Reservoir.

Mackenzie: “Instant Town”

  • Displays tell the story of our first school, first hospital, and other municipal facilities, and feature the people and businesses that built Mackenzie.
  • Memorabilia and photos from community events, sports teams, and service groups.
  • Recorded audio and written interviews with Mackenzie residents.
  • Archives of the local newspaper, ‘The Mackenzie Times’.