Mackenzie’s Own Leah Callahan Competes at the Summer Olympics

Leah Callahan is a freestyle wrestler that got her start on the mat in Mackenzie BC. Born in Newfoundland, she moved west with her parents when she was 3 yrs old. She grew up in Mackenzie and moved to Calgary after high school to pursue a career in wrestling.

Leah made her Olympic debut at the 2012 Summer Games in London. She earned her ticket to London by dethroning former world championship medallist Ohenewa Akuffo in the 72kg division at the 2012 Pan American Games qualification tournament.

Watch the online interactive documentary film The Sticking Place to see her in action.

At the time, her goal was to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Instead she finished 18th at London 2012. All the best to Leah during competition in Rio this summer!

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